Cotton Clouds Festival
Cotton Clouds Festival
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  • Ticket Help

    Tickets are available online by visiting this page.
    Alternatively, a limited number of physical tickets are available locally at the following outlets:

    - Grandpa Greenes Ice Cream, Diggle
    - Dinnerstone, Uppermill

    If you have ordered your ticket online and it hasn't arrived, or it has arrived and you've lost it - please contact Ticketline directly by clicking here.

    The different ticket types are as follows:

    - Standard Adult Ticket
    - Standard Child Ticket (ages 6-13)
    - Standard Infant Ticket (ages 0-5)
    - VIP Adult Ticket
    - VIP Child Ticket
    - VIP Infant Ticket

    - Standard Adult Ticket
    - Standard Child Ticket (ages 6-13)
    - Standard Infant Ticket (ages 0-5)
    - VIP Adult Ticket
    - VIP Child Ticket
    - VIP Infant Ticket

    - Standard Adult Ticket
    - Standard Child Ticket (ages 6-13)
    - Standard Infant Ticket (ages 0-5)
    - VIP Adult Ticket
    - VIP Child Ticket
    - VIP Infant Ticket
    - VIP Upgrade (for early bird purchases)

  • Travel

    We strongly urge local attendees to walk or take public transport to Cotton Clouds Festival to minimise congestion on the day.

    Cotton Clouds Festival takes place at:

    Saddleworth Cricket Club
    Well-I-Hole Rd
    OL3 7HY

    Due to the limited facilities available on site, we cannot guarantee parking will be available and we strongly recommend that festival attendees use public transport, taxis or arrive on foot to the festival.

    Saddleworth Cricket Club is located less than a mile from Greenfield Train Station and 1.4 miles from Mossley Train Station. Both are on the Huddersfield line running between Manchester Victoria and Huddersfield every hour. A full breakdown of train times is available from the National Rail website here.

    Saddleworth Cricket Club is located on Well-I-Hole Rd in Greenfield, Oldham. Buses passing the site (that stop at The Royal George pub) are numbers 350 (going to and from Oldham and Ashton) and 354 (going to and from Ashton and Denshaw). A full breakdown of bus timetables can be found here.

  • Accomodation

    We do not offer camping facilities ourselves, however, there's a fantastic campsite across the road from our site called "Well-i-hole Farm". The farm can cater for tents, motor homes, trailer tents and caravans. For more information please visit their website here.

    Hotels / B&B's
    There are a number of small hotels and B&B's throughout Saddleworth, Oldham and Ashton, check the Visit Oldham website here to view.

  • Kids Activities

    We aim to build a festival which encompasses a full spectrum of arts & musical activities to inspire and engage the younger generation (and the young at heart!).

    We'll be teaming up with various local groups to deliver an engaging and entertaining kids programme thorughout the day of the Saturday event. Full details will be released very soon.

    *Please note that the above activities will take place on the Saturday only.

  • Cotton Clouds Festival operates a cashless RFID payment system. All of your purchases on site; food, drink and merchandise must be paid with your wristband.

    Simply purchase a food & drink voucher in advance from our website, have it credited to your wristband when you arrive at the festival and head to the bar to get the drinks in!

    Purchasing food & drink vouchers in advance will enable you to be eligible for special offers for free credit and will also speed up the process on site. You will also be entered into a competition to win the value of your top up back too (details of this competition will be posted on our social media channels). We advise topping up your wristband in advance to save you time on the day, you can add more credit on the day though should you need to.

    How do I top up my wristband?

    1. Buy a food & drink voucher in advance here.
    2. Exchange your festival ticket for a wristband when you arrive at the festival.
    3. Go to the top up booth at the festival & have your voucher credited to your wristband.
    4. You're topped up & ready to go!
    5. Visit the top up booth if you need to add any credit to your wristband.
    6. Keep hold of the wristband including the RFID chip when you leave the festival so you can have any unused credit refunded. You will need the plastic chip to action the refund.

    How do I pay for something using my wristband?

    The wristband will work just like a contactless debit or credit card. When you purchase something on site, a member of staff will ask you to tap the chip on your wristband against the scanner until you hear a beep which indicates that payment has been made. On site, your wristband is the only method of payment.

    Can I top up my wristband on site?

    We advise topping up in advance so you can take advantage of our special offers, however, you are able to top up on site using cash or card at the top up booth. The booth will be located in the main arena.

    How do I know how much credit is left on my wristband?

    Any bar staff or traders with a contactless scanner will be able to tell you how much credit is left on your wristband, alternatively you can ask at the top up booth.

    What about credit left on my wristband?

    If you have credit remaining on your cashless wristband then please keep hold of your wristband as you will need the 14 digit ID number from the back of your wristband chip. Refund applications open online 19th August 12:00 Noon to 23rd August 12:00 noon, so please make sure you apply for your credit refund before the cut off. Free credit is not eligible for a refund. Any refund application made after the closing date will not be accepted. Funds should be available within 3-5 working days, depending on your bank. If your bank is outside of the UK, please allow for a longer processing period. All refund applications are subject to a £1 fee to cover banking administration costs.

  • Traders

    Trader applications for 2019 are now closed.

  • Opening Hours

    Cotton Clouds Festival will run from:

    5pm - 10pm on Friday 16th August
    12noon - 10pm on Saturday 17th August

  • Accessibility

    If you have any access requirements please inform us in advance on

  • Artist Applications

    Artist applications for 2019 are now closed.

  • Food & Drink

    We do not allow food & drink to be brought into the festival. We rely on the income from the bar to make our event feasible financially. Without this income, we simply wouldn't be able to operate.

    We work hard to curate our lineup of food traders to bring you the perfect offering to complement a day of amazing music.

  • Chairs

    As part of our conditions of entry we do allow attendees to bring camping or fold up chairs only. The festival reserves the right to deny entry with items we deem inappropriate for purpose.

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